Inspire · Miss Mary

How’s that 9 inch plate working for you?

2013 whats for dinner 2It’s a nine inch plate.  That was last evenings dinner.  It looks like the plate is overly full.  Now if I used my regular plates, there would be quite a bit of room left on the plate to “fill it up.”

Working with a 9 inch plate is helpful when you’re trying to cut the calories.  It keeps your portion control in check while helping you break the habit of second helpings.  It’s a FULL plate.  It’s about tricking the triggers to eat more and making you mind think you’ve had enough.

I also pick up 9 inch paper plates too.  It’s all about being consistent and helping yourself to be successful.  Vacillating 2013 whats for dinner 1between things isn’t helpful, it only makes me irritated. So I’ve committed to stay on track with the 9 inches.  It’s working too.

As a side note, dinner was made from this very sparse refrigerator.  Time to head out to the grocery store and Tom’s.  Pretty pathetic.


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