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Careful what you wish for…

A week ago or so I complained that I didn’t have any time to sew.  That’s over.  this week I had several things that I had to get done.  Some not as easy as others.

The Miss Mary shoppers are a breeze.  I have that down to a science AFTER I pick out the colors.  That is always a moment where I ask, “does this speak to you?”  This one however was for a woman whom has assisted my husband quite a bit over the years making his job easier.  She was fortunate to get a position that was MUCH closer to her home and now only drives half an hour.  I can’t image what her commute was to the center from the south side suburbs.

My husband did a little snooping around to find out what colors she may like.  He only asked one person, you know men.  I took it from there.  I do have a stash of fabrics just for shoppers.  When I’m out and I see something that I think would make a pretty bag I pick up one or two yards.  Many times if I really like the fabric after I’ve made one, I’ll head back to the store to buy more.  An example is the bottom of this shopper, the tone on tone black.  It’s very cool.  I’m out of that fabric and I don’t think they stock it any longer.

It took 25 minutes to choose the colors, and what style I would make.  Because of the overall pattern on the outside, no pocket because we don’t want to ruin the look.

2013 MM 1 2013 MM 2







Cutting and sewing, that’s about 4 hours.  The bag looked pretty good without the red too.  Do I?  Don’t I?  I did.

2013 MM 32013 MM 42013 MM 5







In the mean time I had to make this, still binding it.

2013 MM 7

And these, for the quilt guild meeting.  My refashion friends would be proud since I used old jeans to cut out the back pocket to make what is suppose to be a gift card holder but it is far too large for that.  I think you need to use preschoolers jeans for those.

2013 MM 6

And I have fabric sitting in a little paper bag that needs to be attended to for one more person.

So yes, careful what you wish for, you may get plenty of opportunities.

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