Thinking back…Just START.

I’m writing this waiting for my iPod to charge so I can do cardio today.  I doubt what I’m doing till I remind myself what I used to look like.  Huge difference isn’t it?

2013 comparativeThe picture on the left was taken in 2011 about six weeks before my stroke.  The others were taken at the beginning of July and then 4 weeks later after the Diet Bet.  My goal was to lose 9 pounds.  I lost 7.  Well now I’ve lost 8.  I’m a slow loser but if you lose a pound to two pounds a week, heck, that’s 52 to 104 a year.  I’ll take that!

Seriously, think of 7 pounds of butter – 7 FREAKING BOXES OF BUTTER!  I didn’t think you could see a difference; well you certainly can especially in the midsection.

Losing weight is a mental game.  Take pictures so you can see the difference.  Better yet, check in with your doctor and get a baseline with a blood test etc.  Then see the doctor in 4 months to 6 months after that and ask for another blood test then compare the two.  Last year I saw my doctors all year long almost.

The Diet Bet was fun.  I checked into what I would have to lose again and it would be another 9 pounds.  If it was 7 I’d do it.  But what I will do is keep up with Katie Marie, just to be accountable – that’s the fun part – like I’m accountable to Trainer Tony.  Starts on September 3rd.

2013 just startIf you’d like to start check out the Diet Bet and get started, or even better, Trainer Tony is conducting a FALL FITNESS CHALLENGE THIS SEPTEMBER.  It’s a 90 day fitness challenge.  See Fitness 19 FB page for details or call Trainer Tony at 712-358-1370.

Boo now it’s raining.  That’s another thing, weather makes you or breaks you.  Just think, if I don’t get this in I have to double up somewhere.  It’s ok to get wet.

Just start!

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