Miss Mary

First Day of School

2013 Norman Rockwell school

2013 first day of schoolYou can tell it’s the first day of school in our area as Facebook is loaded with first day pictures of their children in all their first day finery.  I don’t do this often but on the first day of school I too go out to the bus stop to wish the kids good luck and see them off.

We live in a Norman Rockwell neighborhood where the children all play nicely out in the cul de sac, they love to pet your dog, they help you when you need it, and they play all day.

The twins down the street started their first day of kindergarten.  Too cute for words.  Their tiny backpacks loaded with new stuff.

That first day of school is reminiscent of my own children and my years served on the school board.  I love the first day.  The hope of great things to come for that year, the anticipation of what will this teacher be like, the popular bus driver assigning seats, and the new stuff in the glittery backpacks, and the hours giving back through PTO and volunteering in schools that are not your own.

It’s always fresh in your mind that first day.  Those fresh little faces so excited to get started.  Life is good.


2 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. As a teacher, I know how excited each child is to be returning to school. I also know how excited the moms are to get some time to themselves again. I saw a great back to school photo once where the four stair step children are all dressed in their new school clothes with their back backs on, standing in front of their garage with sad faces, while their mom is jumping for joy. SO TRUE. It made me smile.


    1. Well when school starts back for you I hope it’s a fantastic year. I’m sure you’re a GREAT educator. I use to be a school board member and I just love what teachers do.


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