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What’s for Dinner? Orange Soy Marinated Chicken

2013 Orange chicken1Before going to the gym yesterday (around 4:30pm) I prepared this chicken dish so it could marinate while working out.

Trying to keep it light and trying to make chicken taste different I tried an orange soy type of marinade.  When I create marinades I try to think what goes with orange.  That would be fresh garlic, soy, pepper, and shallots.  There are many other herbs and spices that would work too.  Over the weekend we made orange planked salmon – amazing BTW.  (We planked it and did not use veggies.)  That’s what gave me the idea for this recipe.

One of the things that I learned this year is that a meat mallet is really a good tool in the kitchen.   If you see the before chicken breast, which is really huge, then the after, it really is quite a change.  You get four pieces that are 3 to 4 ounce sizes.

When making a marinade the very two best tools are my rasp and wooden reamer.   I think I use them the most in my kitchen.

Orange Soy Marinated Chicken

  • 1 – 1 pound skinned chicken breast
  • 1 orange, zested and juiced
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 small shallot, minced
  • ½ t. dried oregano
  • ½ t. restaurant black pepper
  • 2 t. lite soy sauce
  • ¼ cup Light Extra Virgin Olive Oil –  ($5.84 at Target)  I use extra light because you don’t get that olive oil flavor which I really don’t care for.

2013 orange chicken 2Using your meat mallet and a plastic zip lock that you leave open, pound your meat out till it’s about 1/2 of an inch thick.  Caputos sells whole chicken breasts skinned and deboned in a package of three.  That was 3 meals for hubs and I plus left overs.  Place in a glass pyrex pie dish.  Using kosher salt, lightly salt it on both sides.

Meanwhile make your marinade.  Using your rasp, over a small bowl, zest the entire orange.  Slice the orange in half and juice it using your reamer.  Add all the other ingredients and whisk.

Pick up your chicken, place 1/3 of the marinade in the bottom of the dish.  Lay the chicken down and pour the rest on top.  Cover with plastic wrap and chill for at least an hour and a half.

2013 orange chicken3Prepare your grill for indirect heating (that means get it started then turn the middle burner off).  Place the chicken in the middle and grill, five to 8 minutes on one side, flip it and grill for 5 to 8 minutes on the other then flip it again till done to your liking.

Remove and let it rest for a little bit before cutting it into palm sized pieces.   I use my palm which is small than the hubs palm.

2013 Orange chicken 4I served this with sautéed brussel sprouts that you can now pick up packaged and chopped.


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