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2013 Big Chill

2013 Big ChillThis past weekend was by far the best of the summer and we spent it in Holland, Michigan with lots of friends from Western Illinois University.  For ten years now the friends and their families have assembled at the summer home of the Cooks.  Dr. Jeff and Susie have always been so gracious to allow us all to descend on their beautiful home.  Not everyone could make it this year.

With lots of things to do in Holland, Michigan the kids (adult kids now) typically boat, the guys golf, the girls shop and hit the beach.   I walked for 40 to 50 minutes everyday because the community was built with biking and walking trails – Sweet!

2013 BC12013 BC22013 BC3The Farmers Market is the most spectacular thing I’ve ever seen anywhere, and I like the Division Street FM in Chicago a lot.
There’s biking and walking.  I got in two 40 to 50 minute walks each day.


And after a night of the game Left, Right, Center we walk to the Old Ice Cream Shop where the winner has to purchase the ice cream for everyone (Fioretti’s won this year).

2013 BC5 2013 BC42013 BC10

The beach was beautiful this year.  There’s 72 stairs you have to walk down and then walk up to get there.  The boaters would drop off a few guests and they’d walk ashore to join us.

This year we were a week later than usual and missed the Art in the Park.  This year they had sidewalk sales.

We went through the Gapinski wines from their vineyard. Jim and his lovely wife Anne, both WIU alumni, have a vineyard in Nebraska. Dinner on Saturday had to be the best of all the nights we’ve been there. Orange planked salmon, steaks, fresh corn on the cob, a huge salad, new baby potatoes, and chocolate covered pretzels with Blondie brownies.

2013 BC6   2013 BC72013 BC82013 BC9

We look forward to seeing everyone and just walking on the beach.  So much fun, so little time.

One thought on “2013 Big Chill

  1. I’ve been to Holland, Michigan. My sister married Steve Brooks who grew up there. Their wedding reception was held at the Brooks’ family home on Lake Michigan. Beautiful place! Looks like you had fun with your friends!


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