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A Strategy for Success in the Gym

2013 TonyWMeet one of my strategies for success in the gym, trainer Tony Wuebker.

A year ago I had double knee replacement surgery.  After all the PT sessions there was still pain.  According to PT Mike and my surgeon it had to do with the strength of my quadriceps.  With physical therapy complete I needed to find a way to strengthen these muscles.

Enter Trainer Tony.  I selected him because I’ve seen what he’s been able to do to help others at our gym, Fitness 19.  I needed a professional.

We sat down to talk about what my doctor and physical therapist had said.  I also described the extent of pain associated with certain movements.  Our strategy was to help me walk better, also to traverse the stairs better, to help mitigate the pain, and to help the quads to remember what they’re supposed to do.  Oh P.S., lets lose some weight while we’re at it, eh?

Tony’s years of practice were so helpful because if something was too painful, he would try another technique.  We meet once a week.  You can’t believe what it was like when we started in March and what I can do now.   I just walked up and down 72 stairs at a beach in Holland, Michigan.  2013 72 stair

Tony is kind of famous in our neck of the woods.  He was the trainer to one of the Biggest Losers, Julio Gomez.  Julio was in Season 8.  The story I did on Jen Kelly, Tony was her trainer as well.   Recently he was the trainer for a local young lady that appeared on MTV.   He works really hard in perfecting the bootcamps (Dana and Allison story) at our gym.

Tony was a 4 sport high school athlete and was part of an 8 state championship team in the state of Iowa.  He was a 2 sport college athlete at Loras College.  His studies in school, his lifelong passion for sports, his passion for optimal health and fitness have helped to shape him into the premier trainer and health coach he is today.

Tony received a Bachelor’s of Science in Sports Science Pre-Physical Therapy at Loras College.  He received his Personal Trainer certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Tony’s Philosophy on Training:

“As a trainer I strive to help people become the best human beings they possibly can be. I believe that hard work and achieving success in the gym reflects on many aspects of life.

I try to get people to understand that there are no boundaries for what you can achieve if you set your mind to a realistic goal. I always say to set the bar high and never cut yourself short.

A lot of people tend to give up on themselves easily or do not understand what they are capable of.  It is my job to help them to “get out of your comfort zone!” I always try to create an encouraging atmosphere, ultimately competitive, with a lot of positive reinforcement while I’m training.  Your body was made to be challenged. “If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you.” 

My pre-medical background has helped me tremendously in understanding the body, its limitations, and also its capabilities. Building a solid foundation through functional training methods is essential for every client whether a veteran athlete, obese, or a disabled elder. That strong foundation opens up all kinds of avenues, decreases risk of injury, and ultimately sets up for a successful run at goal.”

A trainer is an excellent strategy in any lifestyle change.  They have a cache of knowledge that the average human doesn’t.  At my gym, Fitness 19, we also have three other trainers that do remarkable transformations and they’re equally as nice – Nick Hunt, Randy Kniepfel and Jon Turner.

If you’re ready to make a lifestyle change these young men have all the equipment to assist.  You’ll be better for it.

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