Become a “Pot Luck Diva”

2013 recipe Watermelon sald 2Watermelon Salad for a Crowd

Our Algonquin Quilt Guild held it’s annual picnic and garage sale this evening at Jan’s lovely home. We had a pot luck for 25 people. Recognizing that a POT LUCK means everyone brings their best dishes I really needed to make something that would work for me and everyone.

Oh hey, watermelon salad. I’ve actually blogged about this one before but with a different dressing. This time I used a recipe from my Nordstrom Family Table Cookbook.

Watermelon is bountiful right now and inexpensive. I typically make this only with arugula, but there wasn’t any at Caputo’s today. So I used a spring mix. I am a fan of domestic feta cheese from the deli. I’ve tried others but I always go back.

Watermelon Salad for 25

1” brick of domestic feta cubed
2 slices of red onion chopped
4 cups watermelon in smaller cubes
2 containers of mixed spring salad
1 bag pecans, roasted

Cherry Balsamic Vinaigrette
¼ cup balsamic vinegar
2 T. sugar
¼ cup sugar free Smuckers Cherry Preserves
2 cloves garlic chopped
3 T. Red wine vinegar
½ t. kosher salt
¼ t. black pepper

½ cup canola oil

Roast your pecans using Pam in a fry pan. Sauté them till you can smell the pecans but don’t burn them. Set aside to cool.

2013 Recipe Watermelon salad 1Layer your salad in a really large serving dish. ( Lettuce first, watermelon, feta cheese, red onion and then the pecans.) Cover with plastic wrap and place into the refrigerator till ready to serve.

2013 Recipe Watermelon salad 1Add all the Vinaigrette ingredients into a medium bowl (this recipe makes about 2 cups). Using your whisk emulsify the dressing. This will be a thicker vinaigrette. When ready to serve, spoon the dressing on a little at a time not having to use all the dressing OR set the dressing aside and allow others to spoon it on their own individual servings.

You will be the “Pot Luck Diva” for the evening.

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