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Inspired to refashion

2013 redo1I have a lot of clothing that I’m giving away while I am out looking for new things.  One of the advantages to loosing weight.  I really enjoy dresses but skirts will do in a pinch.

This dress absolutely did not fit me.  It was too difficult to take in due to the construction.  I don’t like to take things apart and this thing would have been a beast.  So I decided to make a skirt out of it.  I have plenty of black tops that would make pretty pairings like the one I’m wearing below.2013 redo3

I’ve been inspired by two friends on the internet, Renegade Seamstress and Goodbye Valentino.  Each of them will reconstruct clothing that they have or some that they have picked up somewhere.  I thought if they can do it so can I.

2013 redo2Originally I thought I’d put a waist band on this but figured it’d be much easier just to make an elastic waist band.  I even picked up a pattern to cut the material with it.   My better angels helped me see that that would be a six hour job along with a crazy zipper that I’d have to go get an invisible zipper foot.  Far too much work for a simple skirt.

So it’ll work.  I’m pleased as I sit here in this skirt typing the story.

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