Oh my gawd, the pot is huge

2013 db 1Well GOOD morning!  That’s the pot for Katie Marie’s DietBet.  WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

So what are the strategies?   I’ve been thinking of these all week.  To get 2.5 pounds a week off this marvelous frame I’ll have to work on the following.

1.  No soda.  (I quit last Monday and haven’t had one since.)

2.  4 to 5 – 16 oz. glasses of water a day.  Started doing this last week.

3.  Gym everyday with a cardio / weights routine on alternating days.

4.  Go lean no green after lunch.  CODE no processed carbs.  Yes honey, no pretzels.

5.  Use my tools – such as My Fitness Pal, water reminders from ElizaTrainer Tony, and my hubs.  He’s always in for a little competition.

6.  Watching the carbs, as always (40 per meal), and 1300 to  1400 per day.

7.  2 twenty minute walks with Daisy a day.  We’ll bond more.

You could do this too.

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