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Social media dieting, I’m in.

2013 DietBet logoThis is new for me, betting.   I really don’t like to lose hard earned cash.   But having followed Katie Marie I’m really excited about this challenge to lose 4% (or more) of my weight in 28 days.

Having read through many of the stories there are lots of young moms.  I’m fairly certain I’m the oldest.  I am super excited that one of the Biggest Loser participants has joined the DietBet as I’m sure there are some great hints they might share.  This BL person follows Katie too.   You know, Katie’s story was my second largest interactive story.

How does DietBet work?  “The premise is simple:  lose 4% in 4 weeks and split the pot evenly with all the other winners.”  Someone initiates the game.  They then extend an invitation for others to play.  The initiator sets the bet, ours is $25.  You give it a week to have people join up; you weigh in by the prescripted terms;  you participate – you can cheer others on, give advice, ask advice, load pictures, a whole bunch of things.

2013 DietBet web photoIt’s social media dieting.  Those that designed this have done a very good job.  There’s a 9 page booklet of rules.  Mine are printed and read.  We take photos tomorrow and we start on Monday.

So the good story is I stopped drinking soda this week – day 5 and no diet coke or soda of any kind.  Believe me I was craving one last night!!!!!!!!!!  I’ve replaced it with 4 – 16 oz of water.  Instead of “Cry Me a River” it’s – well you get the idea.

I just think this is a motivational step to move that freaking digital number down.  We get to chat with the others in the bet too.  That’ll be lots of fun.

Wish me luck.  I’ll be in the gym every day for the next 4 weeks.  I’ll be actively using My Fitness Pal for everything I eat.  Daisy will get walked A  LOT.  Who knows, maybe I’ll lose more than 4%.

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