Inspire · Miss Mary

EXPLITIVE! Oh let’s go.

2013 devilThere’s always that devil sitting on your shoulder whispering tirades of failure that bring you to despair.  Ok, a little over dramatic but yesterday was the first time I’ve been tested in quite some time.

I’ve been doing my Physical Therapy exercises to get the kneecaps to move to center, plus I walked the dog in the rain and the awful weather, that seems to add pressure to the knees, just hasn’t left us.  Lack of time and sleep kept making me an internal nightmare of self-doubt on whether I should miss my first trainer session.  The pain was there, but was it enough to not go?  The pro to it was that I gained an hour, I could ice, I could get my nails done, find the new pair of shoes I needed, I could get more done at home somehow….blah, blah, blah.

Then the right side of the brain took over debating that lack of exercise will cause the healing process to slow down more.  That if I gave in to any weakness that decision would compound making it much easier to skip again.

EXPLITIVE! Oh let’s go.

I’ve decided that pain creates mental weakness.   To combat it you have to have a firm belief that the work you’re doing will make a difference.  The mind can overcome the pain with a promised commitment to doing the prescribed work ONLY IF  you keep your eye on the end, and in my case, there are times, I don’t think there will ever be an end unless I keep working at it.

After all that drama the workout went really well.  We saw more progress.  Yes, there was sideline pain and it lasted all day.  The end result will be stronger better knees.

Isn’t she a cute devil?  I won the battle yesterday.  She’ll be back.

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