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Helping to reverse Diabetes.

2013 fitness BG meterMy blood sugar was 111 this morning.  That’s about average for me.  I rarely go over 120 and get really concerned when it approaches 118.  Three years ago it was 200 plus.  Yep, that’s awful.  My doctor sternly told me those were stroke numbers.  Well that’ll wake you up especially when you have a stroke.

RD Reverse DiabetesDiabetes, blood sugar counts, glycemic index, what you put in your mouth, and your mobility are major factors in staying healthy.  One of the products from Reader’s Digest is reverse Diabetes.  They produce a soft cover book every year on how best to reverse the disease of Diabetes.  It takes a change in lifestyle, a commitment to exercise, conscientious changes in diet, concerted effort in re-educating yourself in what to eat and drink, AND in how to educate others that love you what you can have and not have on a daily basis.  AND, by the way, it is not just sugar that you have to stay away from in your diet.  That myth, while a portion of it may be true, needs to be dispelled a million times over.  It’s the control of the bad carbohydrates, rice, white bread, processed foods, candy,walking

The link above is absolutely correct.  When you can master the knowledge of the simple concepts you will be empowered to change things.  This is a little daunting but when your health is at stake what better investment in time and understanding is there?  Heck, I’m still learning.

When you’re first diagnosed with Diabetes all you can think of is injections.  Well, if you have a savvy doctor they’ll not start you there unless you are really ill.  My doctor’s office employs super star AMY, a nurse practitioner, who is a Diabetic coach.  She takes about half an hour to discuss what’s happening to you.  She’s available to answer ANY questions.

You may think educating yourself in the disease is intimidating, not really.  It’s a process.  Up until a year and a half ago I never understood what the A1c meant.  A1c is a measurement over time of your daily blood glucose reads that is obtained from a blood sample.  It’s the true measure of your health when diagnosed with Diabetes.

Back to the link, I haven’t tried Yoga yet.  They say it’s a real help.  I’m more of a gym person, right now.  Who knows, as I age, I may take it up.  They talk about other things such as plastic containers, that’s new to me.  I have to personally agree with most all of the things they have mentioned in the series.  But if you’ve been diagnosed as pre-diabetic, don’t blow it off.  Pick up one of these books,

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