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Advantages of losing weight – SHOPPING!

The fun part about losing weight is shopping.  YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My daughter is the store manager at the McHenry Torrid.  I brought my mother-in-law to her store so she could see what a cute little place it was and where Chrissy works.  I needed workout tees.  Instead, I ended up with one tee, a dress and a new bra.

Like many of you when you are used to undergarments you stick with them.  I’ve always used the Lane Bryant brand but thought I’d give a Torrid brand a try.  I really like it.  It’s really comfortable and lifts the girls into place.  It’s the nude push up bra – me and push-up incomprehensible.  Chrissy talked me into it and quite frankly I like it.   (I can’t even believe I’m writing the word bra.)

2013 fashion Torrid dressI wore it with this new dress and it was really comfortable.  I certainly don’t wear these to work out in.  That wouldn’t be a pretty picture at all.  FYI, I love this little dress.  I wore it with a thin black shrug.

2013 fashion guns roses teeSo my original intention was to pick up a tee.  This is so not me but really a good workout tee with sparkles.  HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

Little adventures.

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