New Sewing Room Coming My Way

There’s a reason for Pinterest.   I’ve been collecting ideas for my new sewing room.  All these pictures I’ve collected from Pinterest and they are not my own.

2013 SR insp6With both kids having moved out I’m reclaiming the son’s room because of the sunlight.  I currently have my sewing room in the basement with no sunlight, but there’s a big TV.  What I’ve kept from the kids are a desk, large dresser, and bookshelves.  The son’s closet is decked out with a closet organizer – how convenient.  I’ll put the computer and a small TV on the desk.  2013 SR insp 3

We recently (ok a few years back) painted his room gray.  The desk and bookshelves are white.  But the dresser is from when they were babies and it’s oak.  I’d really like to paint it but know my hubs just isn’t up for “big” changes like that.  Plus, I don’t know how to do it.

2013 SR insp1I have a design board and two cork boards that I think I’ll cover with gray patterned fabric, the geometric kind.  We have a small black bookcase in the basement that I’m going to bring up along with the sewing table.  It’s a make shift table with a 4’x 8’ black laminate top.  I’m thinking I’d put the bookcase at the end of the sewing table, like a little extended top and put my most used items on those shelves so I can just reach around for them when I need them.

I have Brighton purse boxes that I put my most current projects in, baby blankets, sons Tee shirt quilt and pillow box.  Plus all the fabric.  I have a small white bookcase that holds all of that right now and it’s full.2013 SR insp 2

I’ll have to create little “centers” for embroidery, totes, wool, quilting and what ever else comes up.

The blinds are 20 years old and they have to go.   The room faces south so there will be SUN.

Looking forward to getting this completed.  This feels a little like Christmas.

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