Miss Mary

Please excuse the commercial…

The garage sale was a few weeks ago and it takes much longer to clear out the garage than I thought.  I have a few men’s items that I think I’d like to share with you that are up for sale.  (I haven’t found a consignment for men’s items.)

This suit is a Geoffrey Beane, 48 coat and 42 pants with a 28 inch inseam, cuffed.  Worn only a few times but was in the White House – yes it was.  We purchased it for our son when he went to the Presidential Classroom.  It’s a light wool blend with a muted pinstripe.

2013 suits1This wool jacket is a men’s medium but runs on the larger side.  I love this jacket.


2013 suits 3

This is a Kuppenheimer olive khaki suit, mens 42 short, 36 pant, 28”inseam, cuffed.  Still in great shape.

2013 suits2

This is a men’s Rain/Winter coat, 48 regular NEVER WORN.   Some things you just can’t purchase for your kids, right moms?

2013 suits 4

2013 suits 5If you’re interested, please message me.

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