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Betsy Johnson Inspiration, who’d figure?

2013 BJ4Up until about a month ago I had no idea who Betsy Johnson was, and what I did find out was that she has been a designer since the 60’s, she was a 70 year old who could do a cart wheel and the splits, and she was outrageous – couldn’t tell if her daughter was her or she was herself.   From her own website,  “If Betsey Johnson didn’t exist, we would have to invent her, simply to remind ourselves that fashion can be fun. She’s the original wild child and set to paint the town pink!”

I look for inspiration to create my shoppers.  It happens like this:  Inspiration, design, construction, done.

I was asked a while back to provide a Miss Mary bag for a charity event by my stylist, Laura.  She is very discriminating on what she supports, so of course I said yes!  I trust Laura implicitly.  She’s been my stylist for 20 years.

BJ4Looking through my inspiration board I came upon a Betsy Johnson post where I really admired the purse colors and the bow.  The bow actually drew me to the ultimate cuteness of the purse.  I thought about it for a few days and wondered how I might make it into a Miss Mary.  I sketched it with my original Miss Mary in mind but without the outside pocket, I know rule #1, need an outside pocket.  And in this case I thought simple would be better.2013 BJ1

I had just finished the Miss Mary for the Bloomin Bunco last month and had hot pink batik fabric, white bottom weight and the cotton print in my stash – well, truth-be-told, I liked the colors so much I stopped back at Hobby Lobby and picked up more.  (more = good)

Now if you watch Elementary, or Sherlock Holmes with my make believe side-kick Robert Downey, Jr., you would understand how all that 3 dimensional visualization becomes real in your minds eye as it creates a small white board with your design laid out.  Questions to ask,  How to address the bow?  Sketch, measure, smaller is better, use pellon to help it to keep its shape.  Next, fortify the handles, need a flap, need a magnetic snap, and an inside pocket.  Basic inside and outside.  Same construction.  All this took the better of an hour.2013 BJ2

It then took 3 ½ hours to make it.  In making it I realized the main bow was too long, trimmed  it down an inch.  Honestly though, it isn’t necessarily the style but the COLOR that grabs you – the hot pink with that pop of the bow on the front and lining.  It’s striking, just like all the new colors in the nail salon.  HAVE YOU SEEN ALL THOSE CRAZY COLORS – wow.2013 BJ3

Anyway, made my way back to Hobby Lobby to replace my stash after I delivered the new Miss Mary to Laura.  FYI, thanks Betsy, nice to finally meet you in a virtual sort of way.

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