Miss Mary

Daughter’s Brunch

2013 MD1My daughter offered to have Mother’s Day Brunch because she wanted to use her new dining room table and all her things she received from her wedding.  Plus, her mother-in-law’s birthday happened to be on Mom’s Day too.  (Happy bday again Paula.)2013 MD2

So many times we’ve heard other married ladies say wouldn’t it be nice to have a shower 10, 20 or 30 years later since styles change AND so do we.  Looking at the table scape you can tell she did a fantastic job of pulling her colors together when she registered for her items.  Grey, yellow and white with not only the lovely bowls but in her placemats, napkins, place settings, and the color of her tabletop all compliment each other.  I have to  hand it to her, she does have some color sense.

2013 MD3The brunch was good too.  I’m a low carb person so I was really pleased with the “Pinterest” ham and egg cups.  That link may not be THE one, but pretty close.  Actually being a past D300 Board member and D300 Foundation founder I love the idea that this sprouted from Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham.  There are many other variations on this little dish.  I took two and shared one with Daisy our little Schnauzer.

She also had a yogurt parfait buffet with the family favorite egg bake.  There was a delicious coffee cake available too.  She served vanilla Greek yogurt.  I’ll be using that from now on.

Notice little Layla hanging out for the big drop.  She is just one of the four dogs at the brunch.  I should’ve gotten a photo of THAT.  There’s a lot of Pug love in that home.


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