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Closet Lipo Time

2013 GS1A year ago my husband asked that we have a garage sale after the kids moved out.  Well that time has come.  He was so helpful in creating a place to hang up the really nice things.  Two ladders and a shelving unit piece.

With my daughter getting married and my son becoming a prosecutor in a different county we’re empty nesters for some time to come.

There’s books, appliances, bedding, towels, storage devices, two desks, dog beds, ….lordy here we go.

One good thing, I have to perform lipo on my closet of the 24, 22, 20’s clothing.  One bad thing that I really feel badly about, they’re beautiful pieces of clothing and I don’t have the confidence to refashion the clothing like a few of the very confident bloggers I follow.

They are:

I’m certain they’d make skirts out of the pants.  I can’t even imagine what they’d do with the suit jackets.  Maybe I should ask them.

2013 GS5 2013 GS4 2013 GS3 2013 GS2

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