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Plus size Bloggers – Love this

Plus size bloggersI was chatting with my daughter who attended Torrid’s boot camp for store managers.  She was recently made a store manager which she just really loves.   (FYI, proud mom.)  Torrid is a contemporary store for the plus size woman – I like to think of it as fashion for the younger curvy woman.  Christine let me know that she met a few plus size bloggers at Torrid HQ.  I must be living in a hole, because I had no idea, but then I really don’t check out sites for style – I pretty much check out sites for sewing, quilting and recipes.  My universe is small.

I entered the google zone and voila!  Plus size bloggers.  I listed just a few of them and they are quite sassy lovely ladies having the time of their lives.  I’ve checked out what they are writing about and some of them are quite successful.  They’re invited to MANY style houses, events, etc. to offer their opinion on what the billion dollar (YES BILLION plus) plus size industry needs more of.

I gravitated to Girl with Curves – I just liked the name – and Tanesha Awasthi is just a beautiful woman.  Her style is lovely.  I see in one of her posts that she was wearing an H&M skirt which only goes up to size 14.  She is probably on the low end of plus-size but wears it amazingly well.  What I like is that she takes the runway and converts it to her own style and provides outlets for shoppers to purchase like type things because honestly, I love Tori Burch but $200+ for flats, not so much.

Many plus size  people feel the fashion industry is ignoring them.  I think in part they do not know how to style for the curvy folk.  If you go into the Kohl’s women’s section, it’s really a top that looks like a box with no style and it’s usually brown or black with a magenta thrown in for good luck.  JCP the same way.  H & M who really doesn’t sell to the plus sized market, or the normal person as per Huffington Post, only goes up to size 12 or 14.

Target with it’s high-low designer apparel collections bring in the multitudes but disappoint when the items don’t reach to ALL their customers.  I’m hoping with the new 3.1 Phillip Lim collection coming out in September, Target finds their heart.   It’s a sad day when your newly found designers couldn’t address the size 16 and up during Target’s “special fashion” upgrade.  Thank heavens for Old Navy for they go up to 4X and deliver SAME clothing types as their regular customers.

Thank you to Talbot’s who does  style for the conservatively dressed career woman – I shop there almost exclusively.  You can find linens, lovely sweaters, beautiful pants that fit, jackets, and gorgeous dresses AND they’re designed just like the clothing for their other valued customers.   Torrid has changed significantly over the years.  I even purchased a few items that were very trendy.

I grabbed the links to the fashionistas off of Independent Fashion Bloggers site.   I think you’ll enjoy the excursion.

3 thoughts on “Plus size Bloggers – Love this

  1. I am inspired by seeing woman make of the most of themselves and loving who they are; self-confidence is attractive and these ladies definitely have it!


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