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Another Miss Mary for Mother’s Day

MM r1The shoppers that I usually make are rather large so you can hold lots of great things in them (babies, yards of fabric, groceries, and a bottle of Pellegrino, or wine if you so choose).  It usually has an outside pocket for your keys and cell phone.

MM r2My next venture was to make a smaller more feminine tote.  It’s much smaller and made from a pattern I picked up at Material Girl last year.  I saw this darling little bag hanging in the store that they turned into a class for beginner sewers.  I made it from the fat quarters of fabric my mother-in-law purchased for me many years ago.  I don’t even know the name of the fabric.  I had the geometric beige fabric in my stash which complimented the “oriental” feeling of the bamboo and the birds.

I did not like the construction of the shopper so I made it the way I usually make mine.  I added a magnetic snap, a pocket in the inside, a plastic bottom, stabilizer in the bow to make it robust, heavy duty stabilizer in the handles and lining, and a batting for the outer fabric.  There is a small amount of quilting on the outside.

MM r3The fabric needed is not correct and is not fully listed on the backside of the pattern.  I guess I’m going to say it here.  As a past computer programmer, we, and to my knowledge they still do so today, had industry standards in coding so that everyone knew how to code and machines could talk to each other in 1 and 0’s.  Seriously, if standards weren’t followed machines could not talk to each other.

Sewing, and new pattern makers, don’t seem to have such standards.   They try but they really miss the mark.   You would think with the YEARS of sewing from patterns there would be some uniformity for the prospective buyer.  Example, when we pick up a pattern we usually pick it up in a fabric store and then purchase much of the needed items right then and there.  What’s happening is one needs to read through the entire pattern to figure out ALL of what’s needed.  It’s such a waste of time when you have to do that.  It’s like reading a recipe and the 1/4 teaspoon of salt that they forgot to mention is listed in the body of the recipe and not in the ingredients section.

I’d really like to see other’s chime in on this.  Maybe it’s just me but I think not.

Off my soap box.  Just ranting, sorry.

Despite the frustrations, it did turn out cute.

2 thoughts on “Another Miss Mary for Mother’s Day

  1. Mary !!! HI it’s,Mary ,you know the other you!!! 😉 !! I only had a minute to look but I absolutely love the totes I may just invite you over for lunch and we could sew !! The reciepe slook great .It was great meeting you tonight. on pinterest I’m Mary VanHyfte look me up .


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