The History of Fairies

IRO fairies
Ida Outhwaite, “When the Fairies Came”

Dr. Carolyn White wrote an enchanting small book titled, “A History of Irish Fairies”.  It’s delightful, easy to read, and it transcends you into the “otherworld” with childlike amazement.

Since fairies consider the month of May their special time, and should you be a believer in fairies, it is most likely a fairy sighting may occur.  Dr. White suggests this is what you should do when you encounter one.

“The poor, the simple and the sincere are those most likely to encounter the fairies.  The fairies loathe qualities they do not possess and appear only to those as passionate and straightforward as themselves.  They hold no traffic with the vain and hypocritical.  And they shy away from the academic; always the folk and never the scholar record their deeds.  When a mortal approaches a fairy he should greet him politely and directly, showing no sign of fear; for fairies have great power over those who are cowards or who suffer from such defects as discourtesy, uncleanliness or dishonesty.  Those who share fairy virtues are accepted on fairy terms as equals.  Above all a mortal should be respectful upon meeting a fairy queen or king, for nothing inflames them more than sniggering mortal who laughs at them or regards them as children.”

A History of Irish Fairies, page 49.

Enjoying these books takes the reader to another place in time.  Similar to CS Lewis, the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.  What a fantastic book for every child to read.

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