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The veil is thin….

CMB foreget-me-not fairy baby

It’s the ancient holiday of Beltane where the veil between our world and the fairy world is gleefully thin.  They’re very active during the month of May, caring for the beauty in the world, loving little mortal babies, and at the ready to capture beautiful children.

That’s the superstition back-in-the-day when you would traverse over a fairy rath (field).  I’ve turned my passion for fairies to fairy gardens.  For some reason so has everyone else!!!!!!  I just like to think I was a little ahead of the curve.

Last weekend Tom’s Farm Market had a fairy garden class for lots of wee ones.   My neighbor put together the cutest fairy garden.  I on the other hand have lots of ideas for a fairy garden.  I visited this site for inspiration.  It’s called The Fairy’s Garden.  Honestly, it looks like a Fairy Empire.   Isn’t it stunning?  It’ll take me a while to really get this in shape.

Countryside in Crystal Lake had an amazing display last year of Fairy Gardens.  OMG, it was wonderful.  Even Pasquesi  has gotten into the Fairy Fever.

There’s a lot of delight in creating fantasy.  Here’s a very inspirational design where you can see what can be done on a small scale.   A mother was encouraged by her young daughter to create a fairy garden after visiting Disney World – OF COURSE!!!!!.

For the love of fairies, be careful out there this month.

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