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Inspire me.

inspire meInspiration.  What do we need to be inspired to do anything?  What do we need to do to live a healthy lifestyle?  Wow, there are so many passionate individuals out there that are so willing to help people follow their passions or create a healthier lifestyle and they live in Googleland.

Let’s take for instance Polyvore.  It’s the devil, just saying.   Polyvore is a visual stealer-of- time but provides the untrained shopper some really great ideas on what to put together ESPECIALLY if you’re a I-want-what’s-on-the-manikin buyer like me.  What goes with what, what’s trendy, and I think I’m too old for that outfit, oh P.S. I’ll take those shoes without the heels thank you.

What about lifestyle changes.  One of my favorite sites is Skinny Ms.  These powerhouses of writers are prolific in exercise and recipes articles.  As I’m writing this they seem to be having technical difficulties and it looks as if they are converting to Tumbler and a magazine format.  Nevertheless I’m giving you the Pinterest link.  They also have a recipe site too.

Did I say Pinterest?  Just spend a month there and you’ll find your muse.

One other site I just love for lifestyle changes is Les Mills Bodypump or any of their exercise programs.  You can find them in local gyms – like the Centegra one in Huntley.  Or they even have an in-home program through Beachbody, of P90x fame.

My gym, Fitness 19 in Algonquin, has actually started posting on Facebook those things that will help you achieve your personal best in the gym.  They point you to sites for your diet too, such as clean eating.

The Biggest Loser and Weight Watchers are two other sites that you could go to.  Just so happens I have a few articles on inspiring people, but they happen to be of my interests – lifestyle changes and sewing.

Sometimes my mind and heart are full of ideas.  Sometimes I think I’m going to explode if I don’t get them on paper or physically do it in the gym.

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