Quilting Inspiration

You may think of a quilt guild as a place where old ladies go to chatter about the days happenings.  Not so much.  AND we’re certainly not old.  It is a place to learn techniques and ideas of how to view an art form. Oops, did I say art?

Last evening we had a presentation by one of our local long arm quilters, Dori LeStarge, on how she envisions quilting a customer’s quilt.  Her style has a very organic, from the soul, approach to design.  It was delightful to help understand how she creates images that are then placed on a client’s quilt top.  She was encouraging “toppers” to begin to see what they would like quilted onto their quilts instead of “whatever you think best.”  I can certainly understand where she is coming from for when I create a Miss Mary for someone, I really think of who that person is and design for that person.  Dori shared a comic with us that was created by Daved Whamond who cartoons the Reality Check.  We all got a kick out of it.

The guild also provides inspiration.  Jan Schneider together with her sisters created collectively on this quilt for Jan’s daughter’s wedding quilt.  It’s beautiful.  She also showed off other items she and her sister created.  What a wonderful way to quilt.  Jan and her sisters go to the annual quilt retreat too.  Yes, there’s retreats, not sure how much sewing happens, but I know they have  A LOT of fun.

2013 inspiration

A huge surprise was Jan Stadt’s quilt that she had to share with the group.  There are 850 squares in this miniature quilt.  Her presentation really ignited a few of the members to take hold and want to try her process.   She wanted to do this after she visited, of course, Primitive Gatherings in Menasha, Wisconsin.  (Grumble grumle – so jealous – some day when I have a few spare days I’ll visit.)  You will also learn of fun places to go without hubby to fuel your passion for sewing.  That’s a fun fact.

2013 inspiration 2

Yep, it’s a Quilt Guild but it’s so much more.  If you like to sew, if you’d like to start quilting come and see us, The Algonquin Quilt Guild, next month on the fourth Thursday where we’ll have equally as much inspiration floating about the room.  Just message me here and I’ll get you the info.  We had a new member join last night.  You should have seen the look on her face.  It was as if she found a place to land.


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