Miss Mary

2013 Bloomin Bunco Success

It was a packed house with 40 raffle baskets and plenty of neighborly fun to boot.  A few pictures of the event show the good times and one special winner.   She’s a pretty happy winner.   This year there were six men that joined the ranks of bunco buddies.  Greg Buck joined our pod with his wife Laura and sister.  He was such a good cheer leader.

According to the event coordinator she said they surpassed their goal of $9,000.  The main event, besides the raffles and the bunco, happens to be the dessert room.  Oh my gosh I could smell the chocolate when I walked in – not kidding.  This is the evening where everyone gets a get out of jail card free to eat sweets.

Carol Platt and here team are so WONDERFUL.  We love Carol for all that she does.

There are so many groups to be thanked, District 300, the Cookie Ladies, Terri Baker and her insanely delicous chocolates, several local bakeries, the committee who planned and executed the event, the volunteers at the food bank, and all the donations.  A fantastic night was had by many.

2013 BB1
Greg and Laura buck in the fore front with Mary and Sue chatting in the back.
2013 BB2
Look at the size of that crowd. That’s only half the room.
2013 BB3
Ms. McCoy the happy Miss Mary winner. Isn’t she beaming?
The Man-tastic group of helpers.
The Man-tastic group of helpers.

One thought on “2013 Bloomin Bunco Success

  1. Congratulations to all for a wonderful fundraiser! It is great to see such a success story. Thank you Carol and all of your fantastic helpers and donors. Carmen Boyer, White Oak Interiors.


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