Recipe Review and my 300th post

I love it when people make up my menus for me for the week.  It saves me money, time and a lot of headaches.    The Today show lately has been doing such a job with various different chefs.  This weeks chef, Curtis Stone who is promoting his new cookbook “What’s for Dinner” (hmm wonder if he’s been reading my blog) cooked up four recipes that could be used for the week.   After watching the segment I evaluated whether the man-clan that lives here would eat such meals and determined  they would.

This has been a very busy week so all the guess work for what’s for dinner has been determined, shopped for, prepped and ready to go.  The nice thing about the “week meals” is that Today also puts the grocery list out there – THANK YOU- saving me time and money by planning out the meals.  But let’s be real about grocery shopping and budgets; rib eyes and flank steak are really expensive.  Just saying.  Plus red meat is the anti-diet devil food for me.  But because I have two others that I feed in the house I did splurge a little on the first meal and purchased NY Strips and made broccoli – totally not the recipe for the night – but none-the-less inspirational.  (Some members don’t like spinach in this house.)  For myself I purchased fresh tilapia at $7.99/lb which lasted for three meals for me.

Last night I made the chorizo quesadillas using  jalapenos which the boys loved.  My son was thrilled that chorizo was even in the house.  He believes it’s the new breakfast food of champions.  Spicy foods and I are not a match made in culinary heaven.  I had the fish and left over broccoli.  Today recipe

Tonight’s recipe was Steak and green bean stir-fry with ginger and garlic.  Anything that uses fresh veggies is one of my favorites.  I do have family members that do not like ginger or cilantro so I left those out.  Caputos had thin sliced flat iron steak available which was much less expensive than flank steak.   Also, for this dish I just couldn’t justify purchasing Rice Wine so I purchased Rice Vinegar.   Honestly, this recipe tasted amazing and was made quickly.  I did the prep work before I went to the gym to do cardio.  I personally did not eat the brown rice because I’m trying to lower the carbs at night.  My trainer tells me the body doesn’t process carbs well at night for weight loss.

steak stir fry 2 Steak stir fry 1

Tomorrow we’re supposed to have the last of the four recipes but I don’t think we’re going to get to it because I have a charity event, my son is celebrating (in the city) his last day before he takes a job as an assistant state’s attorney, and the hubs is on his own.  Plus car issues may make us have to grab something quick.

But all-in-all the recipes have been fair.  I wasn’t crazy about Martha Stewart’s 15 pounds of roasted tomatoes.  That was a bit overboard.  Really Martha?  I skipped that week.

Till next week, we’ll see what they have in store.

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