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Baby Blankets

Recently many of my friends have become grandmothers.   Yes, we’ve hit that turn.   Their excitement is over the moon.

Unfortunately I was a little busy when all these precious little ones were born – my daughter’s wedding. I was sewing seven Miss Mary’s and finishing a long overdue quilt for my sister.

I really need to get going on just making these and tucking them away when babies come along. Thing is, well you know how it is, when you create something for someone you want to personalize it. But your stash of fabric may not agree with you.

My concern is that all these little ones will come at one time.  Then you scramble to keep up.

My favorite “baby” item is a receiving blanket made from flannel.  Regrettably this year’s flannel was not inspiring nor did they have solids that coordinated with the fabric.

Baby Girl Receiving Blanket
Baby Girl Receiving Blanket
Baby Boy Receiving Blanket
Baby Boy Receiving Blanket

I ended up making baby blankets – approximately 28” x 36”.  When making these I’ve already spoken to grandma to find out what colors the baby’s room is and then go home to see what I can whip up.   My stash is not usually coordinated enough so that means it’s back to the fabric shops to assist in finishing a project.  Secretly, I don’t mind. 

Here’s the start to this year’s group.

Baby Mable Jane's
Baby Mable Jane’s
Palmer's Baby Blanket
Palmer’s Baby Blanket
Kaiden's Baby Blanket
Kaiden’s Baby Blanket

One thought on “Baby Blankets

  1. I love receiving blanket! I still have some and haven’t had a baby in the house for over 20 years. These are lovely quilts and such a kind and sweet gesture to give to new mothers/grandmothers.


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