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What’s for Dinner – in pursuit of a lighter burger

The Today Show is my inspiration in the morning.  It catches me up on events for the day, overnight news, sometimes lets me think about a menu for the week, provides tips on good deals, has rather frank 3 minute conversations on very controversial subjects, and adds much to my morning.

This morning they were making chicken burgers in a segment that was supposed to be about fast food.  So let’s just step aside on that thought (fast food) and get to the burger portion of it.  I made the chicken burgers tonight and they were fantastic.  Even my son liked them.  He suggested Louisiana hot sauce to give them a Cajun feel.  (Hot ‘n spicey is not my choice.)

I’m always looking for “lighter fare” for dinner.  According to my trainer it’s best to eat fish or chicken in the evening because you will not need as much protein as you sleep, UNLESS you’re going to work out after you eat.  That certainly makes sense.

I really thought about not using the lemon juice and use an egg white instead because I didn’t know what the lemon would really taste like.  But, tossing caution to the wind, I followed the recipe.  It was really delicious.  I didn’t have a bun but had mixed fruit, making sure good carbs are my go to carb.  And if you’re looking for nutritional content I’m going to use the one from Livestrong for this.

Good job again Today.

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2 thoughts on “What’s for Dinner – in pursuit of a lighter burger

  1. Mary
    I make a chicken/feta burger with green onions and lemon pepper- you have to do it on an indoor grill or pan, because they stick to the grill – they are delicious. No recipe- just to your liking. You can get ground white or dark turkey at caputo


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