Daisy and Bobby Flay’s Family Meals

Shaggy Daisy
Winter Coat
Shaggy Daisy haircut
Spring Coat

Through the winter our little schnauzer needs to keep her coat.  She just shakes when she has her normal cut so my husband asked that we keep her fur through the winter.  Well, last week we looked at the projections of the next few weeks and it showed moving into the 40’s and 50’s.   I made an appointment with Dippin Doggies for Daisy to get trimmed because I could barely get a brush through her.  She looked amazing afterwards.   She is still adorable either way.

277Yesterdays Today Show had Bobby Flay fixing family meals for the week.  I thought why not try this and I will alter it for my family.  He suggested Meatless Monday which with eggplant won’t work with my family.  So I added extra hot Italian sausage for the boys and I made a side one with tofu for me using the FABULOUS Roasted Red Pepper Pesto.  The pesto was really easy to make in the blender.  It’ll be used for round two on Wednesday with Rainbow Trout (it was cheaper than Salmon).

The big questoin is did they like it.  They weren’t crazy about it.  Tonight is roasted chicken which is a staple in this house.  All of Bobby’s meals seemed edible in our family.  The challenge for me will be Thursdays soup.  It calls for making a Tortilla Soup using posole (pozole) which when asking in the store is hominy (who knew?).  Another ingredient that I’ve never used is ancho chiles.  I know my family LOVES tortilla soup.  The one condiment the recipe requested was white and blue strip tortillas.  I don’t even know where to look for those.  I purchased just plain corn tortillas and will toast them in the oven first.

I like the idea of the four recipes for the week because they also give you a grocery list.  Many of the items you will already have in your pantry.  It also keeps the grocery bill down when you stick to a menu for the week and stick to the list.

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