Miss Mary

National Quilters Month

NqM3NQM2About two years ago I joined the Algonquin Quilters Guild that my friend Pat belongs too.  She’s helped me in MANY times to pick out colors, layout my blocks, and borders.  This month is National Quilters Month and the Algonquin Quilters Guild created a display at our local Algonquin Library.  If you have a chance please stop by because the quilts are GORGEOUS.  Many of them are hand quilted.

Last Saturday four of us showed up to assemble the window.  You have to agree it’s adorable.

The Algonquin Guild is open to all levels of quilters – beginners to master quilters.  You may visit our site at www.AlgonquinQuilters.com to see what programs we have coming up.  You learn quite a bit from everyone.  Or even if you just want to learn about quilting this is the place for help.

Quilters are the nicest people.  They love to share their knowledge of quilting with you because they’ve pretty much have tried it all.



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