Miss Mary

Chevron Baby Blanket

BQ ChevronWhen it rains it pours babies.  Catching up is takin my breath away.   I thought this little blanket would be a little less time consuming than piecing a quilt.  Uh, not.

I chose to stitch the top of every-other chevron line.  There’s a lot of stopping, turning, sewing, …stopping, turning, sewing…. So much so, I broke 3 needles.Charlie Brown

The stitching on the back looked a little like Charlie Brown’s shirt.

I used the remaining backing to boarder the baby blanket after quilting it.  I hand stitched the binding.  As of yet I have not found a really nice way to stitch a binding with my machine.

I really wanted to put an initial on the quilt but time slipped away.

This took one yard each for the front and back.   The binding was half a yard.   I used all-natural cotton thin batting.

I’m sure baby Palmer will enjoy this for the time he’s a baby.

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