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Bridal DIY – Wedding Reception Take-Away

Photo courtesy of Wolfe Photography

Weddings are very different from when I was married back in 1984.  We didn’t have a take-away gift. My daughter grew up attending birthday parties where you were given goodie bags to say thank you to the guests.   We chose handmade candies enclosed in small boxes wrapped with silver glittery ribbon with a stamped tag that says thank you.

DIY thankyou 2I had LOTS of help.  My good friend Jenny Bolz assembled the 200 boxes, my wonderful neighbor Monika Wojtarowicz cut the ribbon and tied the cutout to another ribbon, and I cut out the tags and stamped them with my friend Pat Mesker’s thank you stamp. My good friend Terry Baker made the candy, all 750 pieces plus a few extra for those of us assembling the boxes.  She made chocolate covered cherries, chocolate truffles and a hazelnut truffle.  Her candy is OUT OF THIS WORLD.

We were on a timeline as everything had to be to the reception site on the Thursday before the wedding.  My daughter asked her bridesmaids to help assemble the candy boxes and the hotel greeting bags (that’s another day). The bridesmaids met at our home Wednesday night.  I made them dinner then we headed to the dining room for the assembly line.  This was quite the undertaking. But the results were very happy guests. One guest later told me she saved the candies so she could have one a day after the wedding.

While you think you’re doing a good deed by doing these things yourself, it took so much time just to track down the supplies.  Who knew?  Because of the needed quantities for 181 boxes I had to order online.  Believe it or not, the amount of ribbon you need to wrap and tie a bow around a 3 x 3 x 2 box is about 42 inches.  NOT KIDDING!  I found the right ribbon after serveral failed attempts of ordering ones that just did not work.   The 5/8ths ribbon came in 100 yard rolls.

I ordered the boxes from Uline.  There were 100 to a case and the cases were only $12.00.  To even pick up boxes like this at say Michaels in the bridal section they’re very expensive AND not large enough for truffles.Wedding Thank you boxes

DIY Thank you
Stampin Up Paper

You would think that creating the “thank you tag” would be a piece of cake.  Just trying to find the right kind of paper in the quanitity I needed was taxing.  Deep breath.  Only on Stampin Up’s site can you order packages of the same type of paper at a reasonable cost.  I hunted in all the craft stores to find the right type of paper.  We wanted a specific gray and thank heaven Stampin Up had it.  I was able to cut out 12 tags out of one sheet of paper.

We needed a punch to create the tag.  My daughter and I picked out the Flourish Square punch from  Archivers to use for the Thank You tag.  I borrowed my friend Pat’s Thank You stamp.

Terry, the candy lady, God bless her, put each piece of candy into a candy paper.  We needed paper stuffing for the bottom of the boxes so that there wouldn’t be any movement of the candies in the boxes. I picked up eight bags at Hobby Lobby.  To box it up for transportation it took two clear plastic boxes.  The candies needed to stay cold and kept well in the January weather in the garage till we transported them to the reception site.

As you can see by the beautiful photograph up top, taken by my sister Jennifer Wolfe of Wolfe Photo, it did look nice at each guests place setting.  It was such a relief to see the room all done with these little boxes at each place setting.  It was a labor of love with an abundant cadre of helping hands.  Weddings really bring a great deal of joy into our lives.  I’m ever so thankful for all the talent that helped us.

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