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Dinner to Impress

FF7I’ve made this recipe before and posted it here.  I ‘ve been wanting to make it again.   If you would like to impress your guests or just your family this is the dish to serve. It’s incredibly easy to make.

It’s a 2 pound flank steak. The key is to have your butcher run the flank steak through their tenderizer once.

The steak is layered with roasted red peppers ($1.69 a jar), provolone cheese, and leeks sautéed with garlic and mixed with flat leaf parsley. The crust is delicious and fragrant because the rosemary permeates the kitchen. My son came down stairs saying dinner smelled pretty good. He hadn’t had this before and really enjoyed it.

For my husband he likes horseradish sauce with roasts. I found one that will cure any cold.

I do believe that I had the wrong temp in the original posting. I let this roast get to an internal temp of 160. The center was still medium.  One good thing this is tied up, I almost forgot to put the rack under the roast.  Having it tied up makes for better transporation of the roast.

I like simple fancy things that help guest feel like they had a good dinner.  This is one that’s sure to please.

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