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New way to do a Tee Shirt Quilt

TQ0I’ve never made one of these before but promised my son I would create one for him.  I even made him go purchase a John Marshall Law School tee shirt so I could incorporate it into the quilt.

I first emailed my sister-in-law when I started this journey and she gave me helpful hints – like the stabilizer on the back of the Tee.   TQ5

Then last week I found a new book, T Shirt Quilts Made Easy at Quilt in Joy and since I found it, now I’m seeing it in a lot of places.  In fact two of the quilt shops are offering classes.  I’m just going with the book if y’all don’t mind.  The author Martha Deleonardis, has a very creative eye to make tee shirts look much better than those that I’s seen just sewn together.

I waited till my son was done with law school to approach this project.  I took tees from his middle school football, through high school football and wrestling, his undergrad sweatshirt and tees, and one from law school.  Some I had to piece together.

TQ4.5The author suggests that you get a 12 ½ “ x 12 ½ “ ruler.  Got that, I used my 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby.  It does make it much easier to cut the blocks.  I will say this though, as much as I measure and when I have to piece two different knits together, they’re never the same in length, or on two that I had to piece.  Go figure.

For those of you new to quilting the author uses a 9 patch approach.  She gives you patterns to follow.  Each shows better ways to make the quilt/throw look better than a plain old tee shirt.  I had nine blocks – believe me that’s a pretty big block. I may be using only 8, we’ll see.TQ6

TQ7Anyway it’s just a start.  I’m auditioning the blocks and the fabric placement before I stopped.  I need to call the quilting lady to see if she quilts tee shirt quilts.  Hope so.  the author says some do not quilt them.  Great.

People always ask if I do this, I don’t.  In fact this is my first one.  I do know people that do this and the charge is between $500 to $1,00.  Yep, it’s expensive.

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