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Part 2 to the Hunt to Make a Baby Blanket

I could and do spend lots of time in a quilt/fabric store.  I know the associates very well.  It’s because I am color challenged along with I just cannot make up my mind on what I want to do.  Most of the time I want to do it all.

I’m really behind in making things for babies because there was a wedding, Christmas, and many other things that preceded births of new sweet-peas. There’s a baby blanket that I enjoy making but none of the flannel fabric inspired me to continue with the idea of making that blanket (3 stores and no go).  That’s why I appreciate quilt stores that have constructed items on display.  It gives me an idea as to whether I could actually attack it and win.

21 bqI was lucky enough to see one at Material Girl in Crystal Lake that was just adorable.  I mean too cute for words.  It was created by using the pattern from allpeoplequilt.com called Courthouse Steps Crib Quilt.  That was too large for what I wanted to make and I needed to create something on a much smaller scale.  With the help of one of the associates we were able to determine the yardage for a downsized baby blanket.  (It took a considerable amount of estimating.)

The instructions on the original pattern and its visuals were very helpful but I found that I was guessing what I needed to do for cutting.  That’s because math is needed.  When a child says to you, “What will I ever need math for in my life?”  Tell them they will need it when they need to make a baby quilt – requires fractions and forecasting.  Oh the dreaded math word problems.

Well, I created instructions for this small quilt (Courthouse Baby Quilt) based on the allpeoplequilt.com pattern, adjusted for small yardage, a change in cutting instructions for the baby blanket, and provided pictures and helpful tutorials for those that are still learning on what to do next.

EE tools for quiltingThe one thing that I find missing on many patterns are the essential tools needed when you’re making an item.  It takes a few years to accumulate all the essential tools which in reality, you’ll never be done.

The blanket is being shipped today to baby Mabel Jane Nutt.  Her pictures are too cute.

PS, I love the binding on this quilt.

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