The Hunt to Make Baby Quilts

There are quilters who love the search for fabric.  They L.I.V.E. for the hunt.

Not me.

Nope, I’m a show-me-a-kit and I’m good.   Me:   “Oh, you have layer cakes!  That will do for the project I’m working on.  Thank you because now I don’t have to AGONIZE over color choices and fabrics.”

It’s as if I’m being punished when I have to choose fabric.

Since the wedding is over it’s time to catch up on projects that I haven’t been able to do.  One of the projects is a baby blanket/quilt.  I spent days looking for baby flannel that was acceptable to me for a baby.  There’s flannel that’s wonderful and there’s flannel you wouldn’t put your puppy in.  Plus, the pattern I have for a particular quilt requires lots of different colors – sorry none of them go together so just quit looking.

1 baby quilt fabrics 2 baby quilt cutting 3 bquilt strips 4 baby quilt block 5 baby quilt row 6 baby quilt layoutUntil I ran across this adorable little baby blanket at Material Girl.  I just cooed over that for some time.  Unfortunately it did not come in a kit and I had to hunt for the fabrics plus figure out yardage (some math required.)  The nice ladies were able to point me in the direction of the online pattern ( – search for capitol steps crib blanket).   The baby blanket that was shown at the fabric store was NOT as large as the pattern but it was a 7 block by 9 block version which is perfect for a baby blanket.

I sat in the recliner, with ice on my knees, figuring out how many strips I would need from each fat quarter.  That progressed to how many 1 ½ x 1 ½ inch blocks, 1 ½ x 2 ½ inch rectangles and how many 1 ½ x 4 ½ inch rectangles.  By the time I was finished calculating I figured I can make probably four baby blankets from what I purchased.

Thrilled that I can finally work on something – because the machine is back and running amazingly well – I proceeded to cut and sew today.  It’s looking adorable.  When a block is finished it has to be 4.5 inches that’s why you see me measuring the block.  Plus I’m giving you a view of the layout of the strips as I have to create the blocks as I go along. I found out that this material is called 1930’s style.  Go figure.  I can hardly wait till it’s done.

You’ll notice I’m not in the dining room any longer.  Nope, back in the basement.  Boo.

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