What’s for Dinner review :(

After the wedding there’s not much going on except planning for the next quilts (there’s a few), putting away all the stuff from the wedding (we did a lot of DIY things), and watching the Today show, which should really be called The All Morning Show if you include Hoda and Kathy Lee.  So last week there was an interesting recipe being demonstrated on the Today show using a method of cooking that my grandmother use to use.  It was Chuck Roast in foil.  We use to love it.  As my chldren grew up I tried her version once or twice but my family just did not like it.  So let’s try someone elses method to see if the family will engage.

Not so much.  In fact, I really wasn’t a fan.  It smelled awesome while it was roasting but failed to spark deliciousness love in the family.  So sad.  I love roast beast but I guess I’m the only one in our family that will ever enjoy it.  The sad piece is the roast was expensive.  I only used 3 carrots, 6 size “b” potatoes and one onion.  The seasonings and the cornstarch are what coat the beef and create the amazing smell  Soy sauce is added to the veggies also.  The method creates its own gravey.

How did my grandmother make it?  Chuck roast, dry onion soup mix mixed with a can of cream of mushroom soup, lathered on to the roast, wrapped in foil and roasted for about two hours.  Delicious.  No veggies however.

2013 Chuck Roast in Foil 001 2013 Chuck Roast in Foil 002 2013 Chuck Roast in Foil 003 2013 Chuck Roast in Foil 004 2013 Chuck Roast in Foil 011 2013 Chuck Roast in Foil 012


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