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2013 Be inspired

It’s so difficult to take off the pounds you’ve put on for years. I love food. I love salty crackers, appetizers, dips, chips, cookies, and many other goodies. Like an addict, if you put that stuff in front of me and I’m not on my good behavior, oh man it’s lethal.

But, I’ve changed my lifestyle.  Having diabetes, a result of family curse and obesity, is a killer and if you do not get it in check you will die.  I honestly think doctors need to be very direct with their patients instead of skirting around the issue using nice words.  Take the patients hand and tell them, “You will die if you do not get this under control immediately.  You will suffer undue suffering that you today could control.”

2013 The changeOver the last year I’ve lost 50 pounds.  I still have more to go.  I exercise more, I control my carbohydrates to 40 grams per meal, I’m down to 8 oz. of diet Dr. Pepper a day (I know, I have to get rid of that too), I don’t eat sweets, I rarely drink wine or alcohol, and I follow the Body for Life maintenance plan.  (holy moses look at those pictures)

But what’s the trigger for you to be inspired to change.  I always look for ways to be inspired because it’s hard doing this stuff on your own until you feel confident that you know what you’re doing.  Even so, you need inspiration all the time.

One inspirational story is Al Roker.  Holy smokes who knew what he weighed?  We all love him and he’s really a great guy.  He has the means to do something drastic (gastric bypass).  He uses a trainer, which I really recommend.  His story may bring you to the place to change what you do.  He has a new book out and I’m going to pick it up after the wedding (January 12th – next week – aaugh).

Here’s his story and he’ll be on an NBC special soon.

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