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Tree troubles

Danni shrimp 005This is the start of our third year with this new tree and already the second string of our pre-lit downsized tree doesn’t work. I sat for 31 minutes on hold with customer service for Tree Unlimited for them to tell me there was nothing they could do regarding the string of lights. REALLY! The top is missing because we’ve taken it apart.

Today hubs took the time to remove the lights and spent half the day looking for non-l.e.d. lights. (That’ll be the next thing for all of us with pre-lit trees prior to the l.e.d.-lit trees being sold now.) I’m going to re-string the top with new lights. It is obvious to me that customer service for an end of season $300 tree really means nothing; that we as customers are not valued. That’s why I love stores like Nordstrom or Pottery Barn. They stand by their products and will make it right for you.

Danni shrimp 006Because we use an artificial tree I always try to find a Pine scented potpourri to have in the living room. Pottery Barn has a fantastic one called Fraser Pine.

While waiting for the tree to be unstrung I made one of Sal’s favorites – fake bang-bang shrimp. I wrote about it here. I added a salad on the bottom then rice and then the shrimp. The Danni sauce is absolutely amazing. I dilute it because it’s really spicy.

Maybe we’ll get to watch White Christmas while I re-string the tree. Wonder if Bing trumps the Heisman awards?  Oh, who am I kidding?

Danni shrimp 002Danni shrimp 004

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