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Essential marinade tools

Essentials marinade tools.

Maybe it’s easier to purchase a marinade in a bottle from the store but you can be guaranteed the sodium content will be over the moon along with preservatives and various other things that you wouldn’t even think of to give your children.  Just like salad dressings.

The essential tools to make marinades for meats or veggies will help you make a better meal for your family and a lot less out of the pocketbook.  You’ll use fresh fruits, control the salt, add spices and herbs that you have in your cooler or pantry.  Once you get used to doing this on a regular basis you’ll back away from that isle of liquid salt with a little sugar and garlic chasers.

If you don’t have these next items ask for them for Christmas right next to the tennis bracelet you’ve been eying.   What you’re seeing is a Wooden Reamer, a rasp, big knife for mincing veggies/herbs/spices, measuring spoons, wooden handled wire whisk and a not metal bowl to mix the marinade in.  Oh, and let’s not forget the cutting board.

I personally like a Wooden Reamer.  It grasps and doesn’t slip when you’re juicing a lemon, lime or orange.  It washes up well.  It usually doesn’t break.  It fits in my hand well.  The Rasp is perfect for creating citrus zests and grating raw nutmeg or other raw spices.  It’s an essential tool for all types of cooking and baking.  A really good large knife for all of your mincing or chopping will help you immensely as you make the marinade.  Make sure you keep it sharp.  Measuring spoons to help you control your content of salt, sugar, herbs and spices.  Those measuring spoons can also be used to lessen the amount of ingredients as well.  Personally, I don’t use as much salt as many recipes call for because we don’t need that much.  A wooden handled wire whisk makes your life so much easier as you emulsify the marinade.  Not kidding.  It’s essential.

The cutting board – I really like mine.  If you’re thinking of a personalized gift for Christmas THIS is the one.  We received this and I’ve given a dozen or so away to friends and family.  You can find it at Personalization Mall online.


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