Miss Mary

Carmel Sea Salted Brownies – Decadence in a pan

I really enjoy the Food Network magazine.  I pour through their recipes and glean what I think my family would enjoy.  My very favorite chef is Ina Garten and of course the one recipe that caught my eye was the brownie recipe the magazine published.

I’ve been sworn off of goodies for some time but I was making a dinner for a family in the neighborhood and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make these brownies for the children to enjoy.

The flavor of these brownies is OUTSTANDING.  Oh my gosh.  I usually turn my nose up at adding coffee to things but I took a chance to add this ingredient to the recipe.  It called for instant coffee, which we only have the real thing, so I had to go buy the Nescafe instant coffee.  It came in individual packets which worked better for what I needed it for.

I use the Goldtouch baking pans which conduct heat and bake faster.  You can’t always judge how quickly it will bake but my brownies were done in 20 minutes.  It’s made by USA Pans, an American Company who makes all of its products here in the United States.  If you watch the video on the William Sonoma site you will see why these pans are the very best.  It’s an investment in your kitchen which will give you years of satisfaction.

I’m giving you the link to the recipe below.   I too experienced some of the review problems with the recipe – the brownies fell apart and the recipe seemed as if an intern put it together.  BUT the flavor was absolutely outstanding.  I hope Food Network gets to the bottom of why they aren’t staying together.  Not sure what it needs.

You can find the recipe here http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina-garten/salted-caramel-brownies-recipe/index.html

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