What’s it look like when you’re sewing?

Still at the Farmers Wife Quilt.  I’m actually assembling it now.

As much as I try to keep things organized so I can have a large space for the project to lay on, it gets really crowded on the dining room table.  I’m constantly picking up, putting aside, restacking, and moving stuff.  But in the end it really is worth the fret.

Good thing this is only lap quilt size.

I have only two rows, borders and the back to sew.  Then I turn it over to the professionals to quilt.  That’s because I do not know how to “free” hand the quilting on my machine.

While the quilt is gone I’m sending the sewing machine in for a clean and check.  I certainly have gotten SO much out of this beautiful machine.  I love it and need to take care of it.

While it’s in the shop, I’ll be assembling my daughters wedding invites.  That’s a nice distraction.

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