Miss Mary · Sewing

Block appreciation.

There’s an appreciation to a six inch block that has 52 pieces and 36 seams.  Something so tiny takes on an artistic challenge which brings out the retentiveness in me.  The block here is from the Farmer’s Wife Quilt and it is called the Silver Lane.

Piecing blocks is a form of working on a puzzle but more.  You want something in your quilt to be fantastic so that when people look at it there’s a small pause of awe.  Now the  only people I know that do that are other quilters.  We not only look in in awe, we gasp.

I think in the Farmers Wife quilt this is the one block that has the most pieces.  After an hour and a half of sewing and ripping stitches out, it’s off my list.  Add one more in the accomplishment lane.

Appreciating the amount of time in cutting, piecing, sewing, and color coordination is something non quilters should embrace, especially when it’s gifted to you.  Not that this is a lost art, not by a long shot, but quilting is really a gift  of time.

For me it’s anticipation to completion.  I’m a newbie to this genre of skills.  I depend on others to help me with color coordination.  I’m useless in that area of quilting.  Cutting and construction is what I know how to do.  Can’t wait till it’s done.

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