Miss Mary

It’s not as it appears.

Chaos – a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization.

My dining room may appear unorganized, but I assure you all is under control and I am not in a state of disorder.  Each pile is something.  I’m picking colors for blocks and have mixed in scraps from the same fabrics as before.  I try to use it all.  By end of day it’ll be cleaned up.

Now, you see the sewing basket in the upper right hand corner?  I’ve had that for about 30 years.  The lid hasn’t been attached for a good 10 of those years.  When I put it away I still put the lid on it.  I’ve been looking for something about that size for some time but they don’t make them that big any longer.  It’s the “hard” plastic kind.  It has two removable layers with the top layer holding spools of thread, scissors, marking pencils, tape measure, the second layer all my needles and the bottom layer the bigger things such as pin cusion, bowl of pins, additional machine implements and other things.  If you see a large sewing basket/tote/carry-all let me know.

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