Miss Mary

He’s the best: 1 Day and counting

I think best when I first get up.  My Good Morning monster cup filled with home brewed Duncan Donuts coffee (our kids turned us on to it) sits there helping me think.  The idea comes as soon as I wake up, and it’s not voluntary.  Sentences just stream through my mind while I’m trying to slow my mind down to remember the phrases correctly.  I wonder if this is how real writers think.  Does last night’s rest trigger the minds capacity to be creative?

The desire to write about my family is very strong.  They don’t really like me writing about them but they’re my life.  The essence of me waking up every day is to live for us.  My husband Sal is the light of my life.  He is such a devoted father, husband, and pretend grandfather to the neighborhood children that you couldn’t help but enjoy his company.  He’s known as Mr. Sal in the ‘hood.

We met at work thirty years ago.  Our first date, where he asked me out, was on December 28th, 1982.  At that time Palwaukee airport had a fine dining restaurant which was next to the tarmacs.  You could watch the planes land while dining on New York strip steak and a bottle of Bolla Valpolicella.   That was my first taste of Italian wines.  I wore my grey suit with the really pretty chiffon blouse.  He drove me back in his Buick to Oswego that night which was 50 miles one way.  Then he called when he got home.  Guess it was meant to be.  [You know, now that I think of it, we had 8 track tapes at that time.  I don’t even think my kids know what those are.]

He certainly believes in the phrase “happy wife, happy life”.  Honestly, who would put up with a wife who wants a really expensive wallpaper, from England, up in her powder room that he can’t hang?  We had to hire a paper hanger to hang it.  Or a garden wall that’s 120 feet long?  Or a Y2K closet in the basement?  Or be a baseball, dance, football, swim, volleyball, soccer, or wrestling team parent?  Sal did all that and more.  Just this spring he painted two of our rooms and agreed to have the hallway painted by professionals that had all the equipment to do a two story foyer.

He’s been my counsel when I held positions of leadership.  He always had a different way to think about things.  When I put together Volunteers for Students Foundation he was always there to help.  He brought his coworkers in to help on book drives or helping underserved students pick out summer reading material that we had raised money for during the year.

When I was sick he was always at my side helping me to get better.  He’s so there for me during this knee surgery that I feel like we’ll be taking on a hill three days out of surgery.

I’m the luckiest woman on earth.  I’m married to someone so incredible that my heart bursts each time I think about all that he’s done.

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