Miss Mary

Frustration – 13 Days and Counting

The journey to find an in-patient physical therapy facility continues.

I headed to Skokie with my mother-in-law beside me to check out a knees-and-hips ONLY facility.  I liked it.  She liked it.  It’s in network, so insurance likes it.  Cost:  semi-private $291/day, private $391/day.

The sentence from the discussion with the insurance person that sticks in my head was – control costs.  What’s a cost?  Medication.  As a diabetic I have insulin and other medicaton I take that I have here at home.

Me to the young lady showing us around:   “Can I bring my medication with me rather than be charged an up charge for drugs?”

Young lady:   “Absolutely.  You’ll be charged a $10 dispursement fee – each time we dispurse the meds.”

WHAT!!!!!!!!  Maybe it was a gasp, I don’t remember.

They get you one way or another.  So guess what insurance lady, it  doesn’t matter.  I’m on a waiting list but need a plan B incase the 25 bed facility is booked.

It’s really pathetic that at the expense of the patient and the patient’s health, corporate facilities hire people to sit around and figure out how to charge you more.  Someone needs to take on free enterprise gone wild.


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