Miss Mary

What money can buy…18 days and counting

The doctor’s office was correct, “Go visit the potential in-patient physical therapy center before you commit.”  My BFF Lynne, a nurse with an infinite contacts list of medical personnel at her fingertips, visted two sites this week that my doctor’s office said were in network.  She had wonderful questions that I would never know to ask.

With our insurance, as most (unless you have endless amounts of cash), we need to stay in-network else we pay 40% as our portion of the stay.   Having inquired at both facilities what the charges were – they don’t really want to tell you but they both knew – the costs range from $6,000 to $9,000 per day month (whoops!, just seems like per day when you hear it).   AAAAUUUUGHHHHHH

So what are the differences?

Place 1:  Doctors on staff.  Beautiful 175 bed facility.  Clean hospital-esque environment.  Did not smell.  Physical therapy patients LINED up for therapy (hmmmm, take a number?).  Clean huge showers with assistance.  I could use my own medications from home.  Diabetic food choices were good.  Orthopedic patients were in one wing.

Place 2:  No doctors on staff.  Smelly 81 bed facility. No waiting for therapy – but the PT guy was GREAT.  Uncomfortable with the shower situation.  Could not bring meds.  Food choices were not good for diabetics.   Orthopedic patients were mixed with regular patients.  (As an aside, we both said when we left that this initially was off the list till we talked to the PT guy.)

I did some checking when I arrived home on costs and what my insurance will pay.  I found out Place 1 is NOT in-network.  Well, I’m headed out Monday to see another place in Skokie that just rehabs hips and knees.  It’s 6.6 miles from Lutheran General.  Why does mileage matter?  Because the ride in the medi-car is not covered by insurance and we have to pay the bill – they charge by the mile.

While trying to get better, I’m also trying not to spend what it would cost to purchase a house – maybe the shed but still receive the requisite 2Xs a day PT and stay in a facility that doesn’t smell like human waste.

That’s what money will buy.  Your good health  and sense of well being.

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