Miss Mary

Control your dog because it’s not ok when it attacks my dog.

I love dogs.  Especially our little Daisy.  But what I can’t tolerate are dogs that are out of control.

Last Sunday Daisy was the victim of an unprovoked attack by a pit-bull at our local dog park.  The owner was able to pull her dog off of Daisy but only after it had Daisy’s entire left back leg in its mouth and bit her underside.  Let me tell you that there is nothing more frightening than watching your little dog get attacked.

She has three noticeable bite wounds that are considered by the vet as surface wounds.  According to the vet she will be ok.  She’s on pain killers and antibiotics.  She whimpers, can’t get comfortable and is trying her best to be her old self.  She cowers which isn’t like her at all.  Her gait is progressively getting better.  She hides in the den with my husband.

Aggressive dogs have to be controlled.  Aggressive dogs must be in isolated areas away from other dogs and humans.  The owners need to be attentive, anticipate and correct behavior of aggressive dogs or they will hurt others – all kinds of others.

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