Gardening · Miss Mary

Before and After Gardening

With 37 days left before knee surgery, I have so much to do including gardening. I Love Love LOVE gardening. We have a LOT of gardens that needed a tremendous amount of work.

Last Monday landscapers were to show up – they did not.  They didn’t even bother to call!

The first phone call was to my husband asking him if he was up to doing all the work.  The second phone call was to the landscaper telling them their services were no longer needed.  We have been working like crazy to clean it all up, edge the gardens and spread the mulch.  It’s taken an entire week (still have two small pieces left to do) to get this finished.  This past week was so beautiful outside that it was easy to be in the gardens pulling, moving, splitting, removing, amending, and appreciating how much better everything looked.

Here are some of the before and after photos.  Some of the before pics were just TOO embarrassing to show anyone.

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